Preparing to receive a massage:
☆To maximise the relaxation you will feel after receiving a massage it may be worth asking someone to give you a lift if possible.
☆Before a massage it is best to have a shower so that daily grime is removed  from the skin
☆Think about your health in general, about any occurring or current aches or pains you have so that I can work on this during the massage.
☆Wear loose, comfortable clothing
☆Avoid eating a large meal beforehand

After receiving a massage:
☆Do not lift anything heavy or bulky items
☆Take some time to chill out and enjoy the relaxation you will feel after receiving a massage
☆Because many toxins are released, drink plenty of water to hydrate and eliminate these toxins from the body. 

Preparing to receive a facial: 
☆Where possible please remove all make-up and contact lenses
☆Think about your skin care routine and your skin condition in general so this can be discussed during your skin analysis which will determine the correct treatment for your skin type

After receiving a facial: 
☆Again drink plenty of water to nourish the skin and eliminate any impurities
☆Keep skin free of make up for 12 hours after facial (mascara and lipstick if essential)
☆Carry out any skin care advice received from Therapist in between your appointments Before & after your treatment
Justine Adams - Massage Therapist, specialising in Pregnancy Massage in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire