Do you often feel helpless, wishing you could help your baby in discomfort with colic in some way?
Do you often wish you were fast asleep in the middle of the night but your baby is too fractious to sleep?

Massaging your infant can help alleviate many problems, below are just some of the benefits of Infant Massage:

☆ Helps to relieve colic and digestion problems
☆ Relaxes and soothes 
☆ Improves circulation, immune function, development and communication 
☆ Helps the Infant to sleep 
☆ Encourages the bond between parent and Infant

Small classes and one to one sessions available:

Infant Massage classes are ran over a 5 week course where parents are taught a part of the massage routine 
at a time so as not to have the added pressure of Infants staying still for long periods of time. 
Classes are flexible and fit around the babies needs, parents can watch the instructor whilst feeding or settling the 
baby or if they have fallen asleep then you can practise on the demonstration doll.

What people have to say about the classes:

I joined Baby Massage as my son had bad colic not only did it help with this but I found that other techniques I learned helped with teething and constipation. It has also helped to relax my son. Would highly recommend it! 
Mrs El-Shawk

I recently completed the infant massage class with my 10 month old baby girl. I found the techniques for easing chest and nasal congestion to be particularly useful as she is often full of a cold. Justine created a relaxed and welcoming environment. My little one had just started walking and exploring which meant she was reluctant to be massaged. This was not a problem as I was able to use the demonstration doll instead. I would recommend this class and look forward to using the colic relief techniques when I have my next baby.
Mrs Preston 

I took my three month old baby boy to Justine's Infant Massage course in November and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It was so beneficial for Jacob as he was suffering from bad wind and the colic routine was great. I learnt some good techniques to help sooth his tummy and we definitely get good results in getting the wind out! Justine made the course really relaxed and friendly and it was never a problem if Jacob was a bit grouchy as I could practice on the demo doll or watch. The course is run in a lovely comfortable setting and I definitely recommend this to any parents who would like to learn some soothing techniques that help bond with baby and ease ailments. Thanks Justine :) x
Ms Lee
Infant Massage
Justine Adams - Massage Therapist, specialising in Infant Massage in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire
Next class starts on 8 July at 11:30am