Pregnancy Massage
Justine offers Pregnancy Massage in Coleford, Forest of Dean and also offers mobile appointments to those unable to travel. Studies show that women who receive regular Pregnancy Massages have fewer complications during their pregnancy and labour and that their babies are more settled and content, suffering fewer baby ills. Receiving a relaxing Pregnancy Massage releases ‘feel good’ endorphines which traverse in to the placenta ultimately soothing and relaxing your baby.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for a woman, but with the joys of a new baby’s development, comes many changes to the mothers’ body putting pressure on joints, ligaments and organs often causing discomfort and pain.

Other benefits of receiving a Pregnancy Massage:
☆Stimulates circulation encouraging nutrients into vital organs of the body aiding the development of the baby
☆Releases muscular tension
☆Reduces the risk of getting varicose veins
☆Helps to lower or balance high blood pressure
☆Releases compression on the nerves
☆Aids sleeplessness
☆ Relaxation received from massage can also help in breast milk production

Please note that Justine is fully trained and certified in Pregnancy Massage based in Coleford, Forest of Dean and is 
endorsed by local midwives! 
Pregnancy Massage should include drainage techniques to help alleviate water retention, massage techniques to work 
on areas commonly affected by pregnancy i.e. compression on the lower spine, tension in certain muscles, the correct 
way to massage the abdominal area to relax and soothe the baby and also avoids certain pressure points. Justine also 
takes in to consideration the appropriate lying positions for the pregnant body using support pillows where necessary 
and undertakes an initial consultation to fully understand how the pregnancy is progressing. ‘I urge anyone wanting to 
book a Pregnancy Massage to make sure the person is fully trained and certified’ Justine 

Client comments:
I would recommend Justine's pregnancy massage to anyone at any stage of pregnancy.  Justine is welcoming and professional, her treatment room is warm and relaxing.  I had my appointments with her in my final trimester and the massages helped me to relax, sleep longer and feel comfortable with my growing bump.  My baby also enjoyed the tummy massage that Justine saves until the end of the treatment.  Many thanks Justine, for providing such a lovely experience to add to the amazing one of being pregnant 
Ms Taylor

Thank you so much Justine for the wonderful massage you provided throughout my pregnancy! I found a monthly massage helped me to relax and aided my comfort throughout. As a midwife and a mother I know how important relaxation is during pregnancy and would recommend this massage to women at any stage of pregnancy. I am now almost 1 week overdue and still relaxed and comfy! Thanks again Justine xx
Mrs Barrington, Ross-on-Wye

I had regular massages during the last trimester of my pregnancy and found them to be very relaxing for both me and my baby.  Justine made me feel at ease instantly and talked me through the best lying positions for my comfort during the massage.  By listening to my needs, Justine was able to tailor my massage to target specific areas of tension and discomfort.
At a time when I was finding it increasingly difficult to get comfortable and have a good night’s sleep, Justine’s massages provided some much welcomed rest and relaxation; I actually fell asleep a few times! I would definitely recommend booking in for some ‘you’ time before your baby arrives!  Mrs Preston, Monmouthshire

During my pregnancy with my Son I was constantly aching, mainly in my back and tops of my legs, I was also struggling with sleep. I visited Justine and found this to be the best thing and only wished I had visited sooner during my pregnancy.
The massage was extremely relaxing and made my aches and pains feel so much better and I can honestly say that after receiving the massage I always had the best night’s sleep after.
The treatment received by Justine is professional, relaxing and excellent value for money. 
Mrs Beddis, Coleford - Forest of Dean 

I had a Pregnancy Massage nearly every week in my final trimester and it definitely helped me relax and I also think it was of great benefit as my labour was easier and my recovery time quicker.  Justine is very experienced and made me feel relaxed and at ease with my changing body shape. She also has a good understanding of the muscles that are under strain during pregnancy. I highly recommend a pregnancy massage to all ladies wishing to connect with their body during this special time in life. 
Mrs Tucker-May, Forest of Dean 

A lovely relaxing experience - I have had regular Pregnancy Massages with Justine throughout the second half of my pregnancy, and have found it a wonderful opportunity to relax and indulge in some me-time in an otherwise busy life!
Mrs Bisson, Chepstow - Monmouthshire

A truly relaxing experience, great for when your hormones are raging and your body is changing - a much needed hour of relaxation that wasn't too intrusive. My boyfriend said he'd never seen me so chilled out. 
Ms Bass, Cheltenham

I cannot recommend the Pregnancy Massage enough.  After a busy week at work I found  I instantly relaxed within the tranquil and professional atmosphere.  The massage itself was extremely soothing and afterwards I felt generally more supple and less achy from carrying the extra weight of the baby.  I also had the best night’s sleep in a long time! I have already booked my next one! 
Mrs Stevens, Southampton

I had swedish massages before I fell pregnant and I was really pleased I could still go to Justine during my pregnancy. I have been suffering from all sorts as I expected but I think having a regular Pregnancy Massage has helped me with constipation, back pain, joint pain, sleeping well and most importantly having a chance to relax and calming some of the anxious feelings I have had. After every session I always have a great night’s sleep.
Mrs Fraser, Bristol 
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Justine Adams - Massage Therapist, specialising in Pregnancy Massage in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire