The term "Swedish Massage" refers to a variety of techniques 
specifically designed to relax muscles by applying pressure to them 
against deeper muscles and bones and rubbing in the same direction as 
the flow of blood returning to the heart.

Swedish massage has many positive effects on the body and well being, below are just a few of them:
☆Relaxes and tones the muscles
☆Boosts your level of alertness and attention
☆Increases your body's natural killer cells, helping your immune system to defend
against illness 
☆Reduces stress, anxiety and depression, and eases insomnia
☆Decreases symptoms of PMS
☆Relieves pain and shortens recovery time from muscular strain
☆Aids blood circulation Swedish Massage 
Client comments:
I’m a self employed hairdresser working manic days on my feet with a previous back injury. For about two years I've been seeing Justine for a monthly massage focusing on my back, neck and shoulders. The difference it has made is remarkable. I suffer less from pain and have better posture. My massages are always calm and relaxing and carried out in a professional manner and atmosphere. The best part is the cheap price...its great being able to afford to look after my body and health. I do and would HIGHLY recommend Justine’s professional service to anyone! Miss Roberts
I cannot recommend the massage highly enough. The quality and value for money is second to none in my opinion. 
Mr Hancock

In October 2010 after I had started having massages I wrote this note to Justine:
'I would recommend this treatment to anyone it's such a relaxing experience and the painful shoulder that I went with has very nearly gone, but when it has gone completely I certainly will not want to stop the massages, thank you Justine.'
Well here I am 18 months on, the shoulder problem cleared up yet I'm still a regular visitor to Justine's enjoying the massages, a little less frequently now, but I do find that they help to not only prevent problems developing but I am still enjoying that touch of luxury that I would not willingly give up.
Ms Trimby

For many years I have always suffered from bad neck and shoulder pain, I can feel the tension building up over time. I would highly recommend Justine's massage therapies as I notice the benefit instantly. I always come out feeling so much more relaxed, I think its worth every penny to be pain free. Mrs Pritchard

A thoroughly professional Swedish Massage in very relaxing surroundings, the benefits of which seem to increase with each treatment.
Mr Hunter

I used to suffer from horrible head aches but since I have been having regular full body swedish massage with Justine my head aches have stopped. I also used to suffer from terrible PMS and it definitely made a difference. At first I found it hard to justify spending money on myself but this is money well spent.
Regular client

I have regular swedish massages with Justine and can honestly say she is a god send. Carried out in a relaxed and professional manner at half the cost of a salon massage, I would highly recommend Justine's massages, whether it be related to an injury or purely as a relaxing treat. You can guarantee you'll leave feeling refreshed, calm and relaxed and with money still in your pocket.
Regular client
Justine Adams - Massage Therapist, offering Swedish Massage in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire